I've been finding it hard to focus on being thankful.  I really try in my daily life to not take things for granted.  There's so much stuff (that's the "nice" way to put it) going on right now that I feel myself struggling...  

Dark cloud:  I was laid off from my job in August (I was employed for a mere six months).  I really liked that job and the people I worked with.  Here I am 3 months later still looking.
Silver lining:  I've gotten my crafting mojo back and started blogging again.  I'm pursuing my dream of a cupcake catering business.  

Dark cloud:  The girls seem to be getting sick, a lot.  We were at the dr just a couple weeks ago and both had croup (I thought only babies got that??).  I had to take M back today.  She was awake at 2:30 am complaining of ear pain and then decided to barf right before we left for the appointment.  She's got a ear infection.
Silver lining:  My girls don't have any life threatening illnesses, crazy allergies or anything like that.  We were lucky enough to qualify for a state insurance plan, which makes visits inexpensive and most medications free.

Dark cloud:  My main computer is on the fritz AGAIN.  We had to have the hard drive replaced about a month ago.  I really hate limping along on this laptop and it's missing "o" key.
Silver lining:  It's still covered under warranty, so this has not cost us a penny (except to get an external hard drive so we didn't loose all our stuff).  We have a second computer to use.

Dark cloud:  My car is in the shop for the third time in a matter of weeks.  After fixing a broken motor mount and flushing the transmission, we're still have problems.  They are replacing the transmission this time.
Silver lining:  All of this (except the transmission flush) is covered under the powertrain warranty.  They've loaned me a car while the do the work.

Dark cloud:  Hubs found out last week that come Jan 1 his pay is being decreased by 27% (it's a LONG story and the pay cut was very unexpected).  We made some financial decisions based on his pay staying the same, so we're kinda freaking out right now.  This only compounds the fact that I don't have a job.
Silver lining:  He didn't get laid off.  He does have a possible opportunity with another company (that would involve relocating and we really don't want to have to go through that again so soon).

Ok, at least I know I am capable of finding silver linings in all my dark clouds!  Today I am going to be thankful for the company of my family and great friends and a TON of delicious food to eat.  I'll worry about those dark clouds another day...