Wordful Wednesday - poor Jack

This really wasn't what I had in mind for today's post, but I wanted to share cause I learned something about myself. No matter how insane my children drive me, when it's REALLY important I can keep my cool and be rational (not explode and go on a yelling rampage). Case in point... Yesterday was a pretty normal day, until the early evening. The girls were sitting on hub's chair with the dogs and I was doing some crafty space organizing when I hear one of the dogs yelping (Jack) like he'd been stabbed. I go to investigate, only to find that M had pushed him off the chair. I picked him up to calm him down and saw his back, right leg... I knew instantly that it was broken. Generally, buy the end of the day, my fuse is so short it doesn't take much to set me off. But, she was clearly beside herself crying that I managed to keep my cool and talk calmly about what she had done. She stayed in her room until hubs got home we headed to the emergency vet (ours was closing shortly). They checked him out, gave him some pain meds and put on a splint.

pardon the grainy cell pic

We took him into our regular vet this morning for x-rays and further examination, and I just got word that it doesn't look like he'll need surgery.  The emergency vet did a really good job of setting and splinting the break.  We haven't fully discussed what sort of punishment to carry out, but she spent most of the night in tears and apologizing to the dog.  I just really hope, that she has learned some sort of lesson. 

So, go hug your kids (the furry and non-furry kind) and remember to keep your cool!  If I can do it, you can to.