Change is good... right??

Being a creature of habit (in the habit of changing my mind OFTEN), I decided with the coming of the new year that I wanted some cohesion in my blog and Etsy shop.  I mean, part of the reason for having a blog is to peddle my wares!  As you can tell (if you've visited before), I implemented phase one of Operation Cohesion.  Just a little bit of a face lift with a new header and an over all cleaner look.  Phase two will be a little more involved and take a little bit longer.  I've got to find out about changing my business name (for tax purposes), design new business cards and tweak product photography.  I played around with photo tweaking a bit yesterday, and grabbed a vintage doily to use as a background.  I'm liking how this little photo shoot went!

I'll most likely have a sale (maybe even a giveaway!!) to clear out some inventory to make the shop transition a little easier. I'll let you know when that happens, in case you're in the market for hair pretties!!