Mmmmmm... food!

I finished decorating my mantel for Valentine's Day yesterday evening!! I had intentions of posting pictures today. But seeing as my living room gets crappy natural light and the fact that it's overcast... it's not happening!

So, instead I decided that today seemed perfect to spend in the kitchen! I made scrambled eggs and biscuits (heart shaped incidentally!) for breakfast and then put some beef burgundy in the crock pot (it's smelling INSANE in here right now).

I've been on a bread machine kick lately, so when this recipe came across my email the other day, I couldn't click print fast enough! I try to avoid going to the mall due to my weakness at those places that sell the pretzel bites. Warm, buttery goodness... Well, now I can (and did) make them myself!

Be still my beating heart, these things will be the end of me! They are SOOOOOOOOO good. I followed the recipe to the letter, except I had my bread machine to the hard work for me (dump ingredients in, set it to dough cycle and wait for the beep).

Now, I'm off to make some flan! I've got a bunch of egg yolks left over from some cupcakes I made earlier in the week. I love flan! I've yet to find a recipe that has come out really good, let's hope this one is it! Oh... did you want to see the cupcakes I made??? Ok, here you go!

Sno White