Wordful Wednesday - a formal introduction

I figured it was high time that I formally introduced y'all to Betty!  We're still getting acquainted, but a fast friendship is forming!  I'm already feeling kinda limited with the kit lens.  Luckily, I found a $30 adapter that will allow me to use the hubs' old 35mm lenses!  My dad is going to send me an old lens and flash that he has too!

Here she is, straight from the box!  This was, of course taken with my crappy point-and-shoot.  Please pay no attention to the messy craft table...

Lens cap.  I don't know how many times (already) I've forgotten to take this off and wondered why it was black when I looked through the view finder! 

A little greenery on the kitchen window.

Dishes in the drying rack.  Yes, I was wandering around the house randomly taking picture of things!

Magic Mouse.  Hey, that's what the peeps at Apple named it.

A quick note about all these shots.  They are all unedited, except for cropping.  I'm trying to work on getting fairly decent shots SOOC (straight out of camera).