Sometimes bigger is better...

First off... get your minds outta the gutter! Ok, now onward!

Ever since getting Betty, I've been contemplating a camera bag. I didn't want a standard bag that screamed "Hey, look at me! I've got a really nice (expensive) camera inside". I also (to the dismay of Hubs) wanted something pretty... and colorful... and girly! I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg either. After some searching and Kelly Moore and Jo Totes drooling, I decided I could take a bag/purse and make it into a camera bag. My first thought was to take a vintage train case, gut it and then pad it. I got to thinking that I would probably prefer to have something that I could "wear". I saw this tutorial and figured with some tweaking I could totally do this. I got a crossbody tote and some foam, sat on the floor one evening and made myself a camera bag. I took pictures of the process with the intention of putting together a tutorial, but... well... I HATE it. I got to test it out this weekend and have discovered that it's WAAAAAAAY too small (adding the foam under the lining killed ALL the inside space). When I opened the seams to add the foam, I realized the fabric was really flimsy and would most likely have holes in it sooner than later (I'm pretty sure it's got holes already). I think that if I had picked a bag that was a littler bigger and had a more sturdy lining, it would be great.  Here's the basics of what I did in case you'd like take a whack at it...

You'll want to turn your bag inside out and cut foam pieces for the front back and the base. You should cut the foam just a little bit smaller than the space. Don't mind the cardboard. I didn't end up using it.

Open up the seam at the bottom of the bag. Mine did not have a seam in the middle of the bottom like the original tutorial, so I ended up opening 2 seams on either side of the base.

Stuff the foam into the openings and restitch the seams. Turn your bag right side out and marvel at your work... Or not in my case!
My birthday is in June... I'll have to make this work for a few more months!