It don't get much simpler!

What do you do when you have WAAAAAAAAY to many buttons (and various other flat backed objects) than you know what to do with?  Why, you make earrings and fancy thumb tacks, of course!  Gather up your pretty button pairs and all the lonely ones that are really cool, get some earring posts (I got mine here) and some thumb tacks and your trusty E6000.  Ready?  Set?  GO!!!

 If your buttons don't happen to be flat like these, all you gotta do is snip the little shank off with some wire cutters! 

I squirted my glue onto a plate so I could "dip and place" my posts and tacks.

"Dip and place" and let sit until dry.  I'm telling you it's NOT rocket surgery!! 

Lather, rinse, repeat until you run out of buttons or posts/tacks (or you've got sticky fingers)

Put them in or hang them up and pat yourself on the back!

You'll find me hanging at a few of these FAB places!
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