I may have mentioned before that the hubs is a bit of a car freak.  Well, ever since it was announced that F1 racing was coming to Austin he's been like a 5 year old boy with a new toy!  We got tickets to go see Senna this weekend (it was supposed to be last weekend) and he heard rumors that Red Bull Racing was going to have one of their F1 cars in downtown Austin filming something.  We were all set to get up early and go check it out and it was announced that the film crew couldn't get permits and they were only going to be displaying the car.  THEN... Friday night around 9ish it was released that they got the permits and were going to be filming!  We woke up at 4 AM on Saturday (that's before the chickens if you weren't completely sure) and drove into Austin for a once in a lifetime experience!  It was amazing to say the least!!  I think it's safe to say we're super fans now!  If you were to ask M right now what she wants to be when she grows up, your answer would be "A race car driver or designer"!

learning about the car

now that's a wrench

ready to roll

setting up for shooting

yes, that's a camera taped into a pot hole


burn out


not something you see every day

David Coulthard, driver

That's one proud daddy!