If it's free it's for me...and for you too!

I decided that I was gonna fill the new house with art and what not on the cheap.  Like use what I have repurpose redo get creative with crap and avoid spending money if at all possible cheap.  I took everything down off the walls and asked myself, "Self, do you like this or is it lame?" for everything I touched.  If I liked it I put it in the SAVE pile, if not...well...

If it was in a frame, it got taken out of the frame (repurpose/reuse).  If it wasn't it got put in a mountain pile of things to be donated.  I've been ALL about purging.  Think I've watched a few too many episodes of hoarders.  I stacked up all my frames and started going through the SAVE pile.  Let's just say the empty frame to available art was seriously skewed.  I think I could've opened up a frame shop!

I turned to Pinterest (duh!) for ideas and resources of things I could make.  A few things I tried were major fails, some worked ok and some were great!  I also remembered the awesomness that is The Graphics Fairy.  This site is a DIY goldmine!  I discovered a similar site, Vintage Printable.  It's kinda hard to navigate, but if you're patient you can find some really cool stuff.

I also decided to take a whack at some "graphic design" of my own using PSE.  After some frustration trying to figure out things here and there, I had a couple things I thought were pretty cool!  Since I love free stuff so much I decided to share!  These were made with various images and some digital papers I got on Etsy.

click here to download

I find this kind of thing VERY addicting, so this probably won't be the last one of these to come from me!  Enjoy!https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4Bb2FIFXgNIdXhLQm9XNC1SUzJ1UnJXWUktc1RRQQ