Put your cupcakes where they belong - tutorial

On a pedestal of course!  I have a thing for cupcakes... a BIG thing.  So, big I'm attempting to make a living from them.  But that's another story...

My hubby was gracious enough to indulge the cupcake craziness and allow me to go nuts in the kitchen!  I'm pretty sure I first came across these pedestals on Etsy.  I knew they would be easy enough to duplicate and with a trip to the thrift store and my E6000, these babies are sprinkled all over the kitchen (and overflowing into the bottom of the hutch...).

First you'll need to gather your supplies: plates and bases (you can use anything from candle sticks to goblets), glue and some newspaper to protect the surface you're working on.

After cleaning and drying your pieces, put a band of glue around the top lip of whatever you are using as a base and then attach it to the underside of your plate as close to the center as you can get (I guess you could calculate the exact center and mark it, but that involves math and I stay away from math if at all possible).

After the glue is completely dry, flip it over and make your cupcake feel like a queen (or king)!!  The sky really is the limit with these things.  I've used bigger plates and thrifted domes to make covered pedestals.  I think these would be great if you're having cupcakes for a birthday for the birthday girl/boy.  They get their own special cupcake on a special pedestal.  They're not just for cupcakes either!  I keep one by the sink to hold rings while I do dishes.  My salt jar sits on one (pictured below with the green base) next to the stove.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial!