I've been bitten...

By the wreath making bug! Every single wreath I see in blogland makes me want to stop what I'm doing and make it... right then and there! I posted a little wreath redo here, and while I do like it, something just isn't quite right. Yesterday I was putting a package in the mailbox when I saw these little gems littering the ground.

{Anybody know what these are?  They're MUCH bigger than acorns}

I grabbed the kids and a basket and we got to collecting. The plan is to attach these to a wreath and them spray paint it and hang it with a pretty ribbon. The problem is, the only other wreath form I have right now is one of those hay ones and it really needs to be wrapped with fabric or ribbon first. I decided that doesn't sound too spray paint friendly so... I'm gonna dismantle the other wreath to use for my giant acorn thingys and then wrap the hay wreath in fabric and redo the bright colored wreath. The plan is to have both done by the end of the week... that's the plan!

Oh, and just for fun... I eluded to a project involving coffee beans here. Well, I finally finished. Coffee bean topiaries!! I think my pots are a bit too big and they may need some sort of paint treatment, but I like the simplicity. Besides, the hubs and I LOVE coffee so it fits us! These are so simple to make. I thought about doing a tutorial, but most of the crafting on these occurred during less than optimal photographic conditions. So, here's what I did...I spray painted foam balls black,  hot glued on coffee beans and clear coated the beans after the glue dried. Then I went outside and found some sticks to be the "trunk". Grabbed a couple terracotta pots from the thrift store, put some floral foam inside, stuck the "trunks" in the foam and hot glued on some moss. I tied on some scrap ribbon and VIOLA!