Thrift store SCORE!

I found some fantastic "junk" at the thrift store this past week.  I've got a number of projects going and a few still brewing in the brain, but I just couldn't pass this stuff up!

red leather, burlap, mod green

I was immediately drawn to the mod feel of the green and white fabric.  It looks like it's a drapery panel that was handmade.  This will be used in a frame project I'm working on and is destined to become some flowers!  I'm not sure what to do with the burlap... It was only 69 cents and there's a good bit of it.  I'm not completely sure if the red leather is genuine, but at 99 cents it came home with me.  I'm gonna try and make a new flower pattern for this!

vintage clutch, UGLY lamp shade

Jessica McClintock Bridal gown

Ok, quiz time... What do a vintage clutch, ugly lampshade and a bridal gown have in common?  Well, for starters they were all 99 cents each!  I was inspired by a lamp I saw in a PB kids catalog that had silk flowers all over the shade to come up with other ways to use my fabric flowers.  So the the dress will supply flowers to cover the clutch and I've dug into my fabric stash and found a pink and yellow for the lamp shade.

I completed my cupcake paper wreath and posted it here.  I finished covering my dress form with vintage sheet music, but it's needs some embellishment, so I'll wait to share that.  I've also got some Christmas goodies and something involving coffee beans in the works and I hope to share those soon!