Just because it makes me giggle

We had a busy weekend. The girls' birthday party was Saturday. Although the turn out was much smaller than we hoped, we had a really great time! Yesterday, we went to an air show and then I had a bunch of flowers to work on. So, I don't really have anything substantial to post. Over the past couple days this photo has been getting a lot of activity on my Facebook, so I thought I'd share it. It's the wallpaper on the Mac (which is still off getting a new hard drive...) and it makes me giggle when I look at it.

Yes, that's a REAL zebra with it's head in my car

There's a drive through zoo just outside of town and this photo was taken on our first trip there.  They sell bags of little food pellets that you toss to the animals.  They tell you not to hand feed, but clearly there have been people that did not follow this rule. This guy decided that he was coming in for his!  It scared the crap out of my youngest.  Mostly cause she was looking out the window on the other side of the car and turned around to find an open zebra mouth!  

I hope you get a little giggle from this!!  I'm planning on posting my pumpkin bread recipe this week and (hopefully) some Thanksgiving projects.