In progress

Generally, I like to work on one project at a time.  At least, that's what I like to tell myself.  I have a tendancy to get a bit over enthusiastic and excited about ideas I have and there's generally at LEAST 2 things going at once.  I thought I'd share 2 things that I'm working on at the moment.

It was my favorite day at my favorite thrift store yesterday.  Every Monday a selected color tag is 99 cents... EVERYTHING in the store (yes, that includes furniture too)!!  I got a rather large and interesting basket filled with some pretty beat up fake hydrangeas (haven't photo'd that yet).  I also scored a few glass containers that I hope to do a faux mercury glass treatment to (75 cents and 45 cents), a small glass candlestick that will be turned into a cupcake pedestal (45 cents), a wreath (with nothing on it, surprisingly; 75 cents) and this little gem (cough, cough)...

Yeah, it's bad!  It was only 45 cents though!

The (once) satin ribbon was pretty crusty and the little plastic decorations were falling off as I walked around the store.  I stripped it, covered it is strips of tweedy fabric (that once was a blazer) and am now covering it with cupcake paper "flowers".  I hope to be finished with it by the end of today.

My second in progress project involves my dressform.  Since I'm not selling vintage clothing anymore, I decided that she needed a little make over.  I've got a mess of vintage sheet music (have NO idea where I got it from) that was begging to be artfully torn and decoupaged to the dressform.  This one is gonna take a little while...

The sheet music is going to be the base for other embellishment!