Crafting Christmas (and beyond) - calorie free cupcakes

** I'm posting this for the archives.  It was originally posted here** 

Hello, A Glimpse Inside readers!  My name is April and I blog over at Apple Loves Orange.  I'm excited to be guest posting while Allison is away!  I'm a bit cupcake crazy and have been admiring a bunch of different cupcake ornaments I've seen around.  I looked through my craft supplies and decided that I was going to make some of my own!  Everything I used to make these, I already had on hand!!

embroidery thread
fabric glue
cupcake pattern (I've included the one I made)
markers/pens for tracing onto fabric and felt

First you'll need to print the pattern on some heavy cardstock or cardboard.  Cut out the three shapes and you're ready to go!

On my pattern, I've indicated some directions for tracing so the shapes all line up when assembling.  Trace one whole shape from felt (the direction doesn't matter on this, cause you can just turn the felt over) and one whole shape on the wrong side of one of your fabrics.  Trace one each of the top and bottom, also on the wrong side of the fabric. 

Cut your shapes out and flip the top and bottom over to the right side of the fabric.  Next, you'll need to attach the top and bottom to the felt.  I did this using a basic running stitch (I taught myself how to embroider by watching the videos on this site) just to the inside of the cut edge to, first attach the bottom.  Then, I made french knot and straight stitch "sprinkles" to tack the top down and then ran a running stitch just like for the bottom.

After the stitching is all finished, trim any excess fabric or felt so all the edges line up.  You'll then want to stitch on a "cherry".  I used some red leather (thrift store find), but you could use felt or even buttons (I used buttons on a few!).

Next, cut your ribbon into a 6 inch(ish) length.  You'll stitch this onto the wrong side of the fabric near the top.  This makes your hanger.

Now you'll need to attach the back to the stitched cupcake. I ran some fabric glue (I used this clear stuff and it STINKS, I prefer the stuff Wal-Mart sells that comes out of the tube white) around the back side of the felt and then laid the hanger back on top and smoothed it out. After it dries, trim any excess fabric.

You can hang these on your tree, or anywhere for that matter. They're perfect for any cupcake-crazed person! I don't think I even made any that are "traditional" Christmas colors.

Here is the template I made, for your cupcake crafting pleasure.  Right click on it and print it out!