My flowers

I just realized today that I've not really talked too much about my Etsy shop.  It's kinda fallen by the wayside as far as my priorities go.  One of my goals for 2011 is to change that.  I've gotten a couple custom orders in the past few weeks, which is especially fun for me.  I really enjoy making something special for someone.  One, in particular, was for a wedding.  I got a message from the buyer that she loved the hair pins and wanted to see if I could make boutonnieres to match.  I'd never really considered it before, but figured it might be fun and something new to add to the shop!  She sent me a sample photo and gave me her color requests.  This is the prototype I came up with.

I don't love the wire thingys (that's a technical term!) and may rework those.  I hope she likes them!

On another note, I think my camera may be on the way out.  I seem to be having a hard time getting decent pictures.  I keep trying different settings and nothing seems to work.  If any of the major camera people happen to see this, I'd love to have a camera sent to me for review!!