Curbside pickup

Saturday we spent most of the day driving around, scoping out commercial real estate. You may recall from this post, my mention of starting a cupcake business.  I've been in contact with a gentleman (by email and phone, so far) about partnering together.  His "real" job is keeping him from doing much about this business concept, so I offered to assist in the property search.  Anyway...

We were in one of the historic parts of town and drove by a house with some things sitting by the curb.  I immediately told the hubs to turn around and load that stuff up!  The main thing that caught my eye was a dresser.  Yes, it's missing drawers, but it was FREE!  I'll figure something out!

I'm thinking orange paint and a white glaze, maybe

I looked down, as I was grabbing one end of the drawer less dresser and saw this pretty glass pane on the ground. It's got some beautiful etching.  It's dirty and has some kind of sticky things on the back, but it was FREE!!!

I've got some Looking Glass spray paint and I'm thinking about doing a faux mercury glass treatment.

So, I'm thinking I might like to spend the weekends driving around and picking up people's junk!  Wonder what hubs will think about that??