All you need is love

I wasn't planning on decorating for Valentine's Day since I don't have any decorations on hand. Besides, I just don't get quite as excited as I do for other holidays. But, with all the fantastic projects I keep seeing, I decided to jump on the bandwagon! I figured I'd start with a wreath. I'm kinda obsessed with making them. I combined a couple different ideas from around blogland that I thought were cute.

I've been itching to do a yarn wreath for quite some time. So my beginning is a yarn wreath that I added a little bunting to (cause buntings are too cute). There's tons of tutorials out there, but it's not rocket science. Grab a wreath and wrap some yarn around it!

red yarn, white ric rac, pink paper and some stamps

When I saw this over at Random Thoughts of a Supermom, I knew this was going to make some sort of appearance in my v-day decor. Since I made my yarn wreath pretty small, I hung this at the bottom of the wreath!

I REALLY love how this turned out!!
I used some of the leftover fabric strips from the heart to bring it all together.

I'm working on a couple other crafts for V-day, hopefully I'll finish them before Feb 14!!