That was fast!

I really hoped to have something crafty to post today (I'm about half-way done with my v-day topiaries), but with, packaging up Etsy orders, finishing up the boutonnieres, working on an inquiry for another order of wedding hair flowers, a cupcake order AND another hunt for commercial lease space (I think I need to devote an entire post to the cupcake portion of my life) it just didn't happen. I guess the good thing for me is that there's now only 1 listing left in my old shop!!!!! I was expecting to it to take a bit longer to get things cleared out. SOOOOOOOOOO, I'm gonna give this necklace til the end of the week to sell. If it doesn't then I'll be doing a little giveaway here, along with a grand opening sale in the new shop!


And, speaking of cupcakes... I'd love you forever if you'd go vote for my Drunk Monkey cupcake here!