All You Need is LOVE

Happy Love Day everybody!! We don't have anything really exciting planned for today. However... late last night, I got the go ahead from the hubs to snag my "big girl" camera! I almost squealed in delight! My poor little point-and-shoot seems to be nearing it's last. So, this little lovely is on it's way to me! I've already named her, Betty (after my Granny who loved photography). I think her and I are gonna be BFF's!!! Then I discovered this morning, hiding in the closet, that the hubs' old 35mm film camera is a Canon and there's 2 lenses in the bag. I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed that they'll fit Betty! I'm thinking that this sweet camera strap would look nice on Betty!

cotton candy

I finally got around to changing my chalkboard yesterday. I totally stole this idea from Madigan (her blog is SO inspiring). I'd still like to glaze the frame and I'm not quite done with the gallery wall look I'm going for, but here it is!