Shoot and Edit - Easter (shoot)

I think photography challenges are a good way to improve on my skills, so I started a calendar to keep up with challenge themes.  I'm hoping it will help keep me motivated to pick the camera up EVERY day.

I wasn't sure which direction to go for this weeks theme of Easter.  I started thinking about our family gatherings,  growing up.  My mind drifted to the golden egg...  After having a nice meal, the adults would hide eggs for the kids to find.  There was always one golden egg.  This was THE egg you wanted to find.  It wasn't hard boiled, filled with candy or other trinkets.  It had money in it!  I only managed to snag the golden egg a few times.  I thought a little tribute to an old family tradition would be good!

My SOOC shot

I thought I was focusing on the egg...  I figured it would still make for something interesting after editing.