Wordful Wednesday - already?

Is it Wednesday already??  I intended on doing a Mother's Day recap on Monday... I've got some exciting "new" stuff to share!

I went to the eye doctor last week and ordered new glasses and they have arrived!  They came with  clip on sunglasses that actually fold in half!  I also got my shaggy hair cut.  My bangs look kinda crooked...

I discovered while trying to get a decent pic, that I do NOT self photograph well.  Perhaps some practice and a tripod is in order!!!

I ordered this with some Mother's Day money I got.  It should be here in the next couple days!!!

Here's the "mother" of all Mother's Day presents!!!  We traded my little Mazda 5 in on a used (but fully loaded) CX-9!!  All I have is a crummy cell phone pic (it had to go back to the dealer to have a couple minor things fixed).  I love this thing!  We're planning a driving trip to FL this summer and this is going to be more comfortable to travel in, plus it's got more room!

I can be found hanging at a few of these spots!
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