Say cheese!!!!

Saturday was full of surprises... We spent most of the morning at the Mazda dealership while they did some work on the hub's car. They ended up not charging us for any of it! He's gotten in it pretty good with the service manager and we did just buy another vehicle from them.

I had plans to hang out with my friend, Lisa that evening. We wandered around the mall and then ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. YUUUUUUUUUUUUM! We decided it was too early to call it a night, so we just started driving around. We were chatting and laughing and trying to decide what else to do and laughing, and she suggested going to get tattoos. I think it just kinda started out as a joke, but after scoping out a few shops and a stop at Starbucks we ended up in a place we weren't even sure was open at first. There were no customers and only 2 employees in the shop. We looked at the one's guy's sketches and were blown away by his talent. With only photos on our cell phones as reference this guy (kid actually, he couldn't have been much more than 21) free handed our designs and has us both inked up in a matter of a couple hours.  Mine only took about 10 minutes...

I got mine on the top of my left foot (OUCH!).  Look kinda familiar?  It's the camera from my new blog banner!  I warned Jess that it was going in my "to be tattooed" file!  I just didn't really expect to get it so soon!!

Gabriel working on Lisa's tattoo.

Lisa had a time figuring out just what she wanted. Thanks to google and the amazing Gabriel she came up with this fire goddess. I think it took him all of about 10 minutes to sketch this!

Once we're both completely healed, I think that I'll bust Betty out for some good (non cell phone) shots!

So... How did you spend your Saturday!