There's a first time for everything...

Well, hello there strangers!!  Yeah, I know it's been almost a month since my last post.  Things have been a little bonkers to say the least.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to my earlier wake-up time (so I get home pretty much as soon as the girls get out of school).  There doesn't seem to be much sleep happening.  I was forced had the opportunity to go through a 2 week training course at work that all "new hires" are required to complete.  I've been there since February...  Suffice to say, pretty much nothing that was covered those 2 weeks has ANYTHING to do with my day to day job.  I'm pretty sure I lost a considerable amount of brain function!  We're embarking on something as a family that has been keeping us extremely busy on the weekends (I'm not at liberty to discuss this "something" yet).  I'm still doing pretty well food wise.  My obsessive calorie counting has ceased, but I've got a pretty good grasp of the calorie content of the things I eat.  I haven't been quite as strict with my food intake, due to the above mentioned craziness.  The really, really bad thing is that I haven't been exercising.  I need to change this SOON.  I just can't seem to get back into the groove.  In spite of everything, I'm happy to report that my total weight loss is now at 30lbs. I'm hoping that things calm down some in the next few months, so I can get back into my food and exercise routines!

In amongst all THAT... I decided that I wanted to attempt to eliminate the use of plastic baggies.  I decided the best place to start was with lunches.  I have become a little obsessed with bento boxes.  Well, the basic concept of the bento box, anyway.  I don't have any intentions of getting all crazy with mine!  I figure that in addition to minimizing waste, I'll be getting the girls to eat healthier too!  I ordered some supplies and tonight made the very first bento box lunches!  The girls are totally into this and are even looking at new recipes to try and are willing to help make lunches!  Here's what we packed last night!  They'll have the option of water or milk in their reusable bottles.

A's lunch is bologna and cheese stick kabobs, carrots, pear chunks and a goldfish/pretzel mix

M's lunch is ham and cheese stick kabobs (with half a flat-out wrap), cucumbers, pear chunks and goldfish.

I got a couple different types of food containers to try (A's is a Sassy and M's is an Easy Lunchbox), found silicone baking cups at the thrift store, and a few other bits to get us started.  I would like to get each of them a "real" bento box at some point (birthday's and Christmas are coming!).  I'm going to be ordering some reusable food picks and more silicone cups soon.  If you're interested here's a few sites I found to have some really good info about how to get started and places to get your gear!

Easy Lunchboxes
Another Lunch
Lunch in a Box
Molly's Lunchbox - this Mamma is the whole reason I wanted to start doing this!  Lurve you, Shan!
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