I shouldn't be allowed to operate heavy machinery...and other fun stuff.

Tuesday seemed like it was going to be a normal day.  Get up before the chickens, go to work for 8 hours, pick up the girls, blah blah blah.  Then I realized that I was supposed to donate some things to their school for the fall festival on Friday.  We finished up homework so we could run to Target.  I bet you're thinking this all still sounds pretty uneventful.  But this is where it all started going wrong...

My garage door opener doesn't like to stay on my visor, especially if you want to pull the visor down to keep the sun out of your eyes.  When we got in the car I took the garage door opener off the visor and stuck in it the little cubby under the AC controls.  Shopping was quick and we headed home.  I pulled into the driveway and went to push the garage door opener, but it wasn't on the visor.  I looked in the cubby, in the cup holders, on the passenger seat, on the floor... Ummmmmm???  I backed out of the driveway and headed back to Target in the hopes that I might find it in the parking lot.  No luck.  As I was getting back it the car, there it was sitting in the driver's seat.  It was under my butt the WHOLE time.  Things only got worse... Let's just say dinner making was a disaster that resulted in this plate and 2 burned fingers.

In other news... Our loan papers for the house are in underwriting and we're expecting to "close" so construction can begin around Nov 20!  We're most likely looking at being able to move late Dec or early Jan.  Not sure I can be patient, but I'll try!  We went back to the property on Sunday to do some trash pick up and more exploring.  We walked it from the street to what we think is the back line of the property.  I should say hiked, cause there's quite a bit of elevation change!  We even saw an armadillo (that wasn't squashed on the road)!

Hurry, he's getting away!
The explorers choosing walking sticks.