And just like that...

2011 ended with things that we thought were gonna happen, NOT happening.

First off, the whole cupcake thing in the coffee shop fell through.  The planets were just not aligned for it to work out.  I'm not real sure our family is in a place that I could justify being away as much as I would need to be.  So, the cupcake dream gets pushed to the back burner... for now.

Then, just when we thought we were going to be closing on our home/land package the rug was pulled out from under us.  At first, I was REALLY upset about this.  After a lot of talk and reflecting, we decided that it was for the best anyway.  The distance from home to work was just going to be too much.  The girls would be in school an hour away.  If something were to happen we would not be able to get to them fast.  Not to mention the cost of gas and wear-n-tear on the vehicles.  We've gone back to the drawing board and have decided a part of town that we're going to focus our home search on.  We're going to hold off about 2 more weeks before we start really looking.

I elected to not make any resolutions this year.  I never keep them anyway.  I am making myself do a 365 Project though.  Basically you commit to take at least one picture EVERY day for the whole year.  It's actually a 366 this year, what with it being a leap year and all.  I've actually managed to keep up so far, haha!  My page is here.

And, just because no post is complete without a photo...