Blue cabinet with a SURPRISE

Finally decided to sit down and post about this cabinet.  You can't really tell in this pic, but this thing is pretty ragged.  There were holes in the top, like someone had screwed something in it.  Just generally in sad shape.

So some sanding, wood putty, paint, distressing, glaze and wax later (sheesh)...

It is a really pale blue, though it looks pretty much white in this photo.  Should've took pics outside before I brought it in, but I didn't...

I got the knobs from the $1 section of Michaels... and they were on clearance... paid like 30 cents for them!

So what's the surprise you ask?  I've had this heavy duty  fancy wrapping paper laying around for awhile.  Sometimes I use it (if it's for someone really special!), but mostly it's just kinda sat around. So...

The inside back and shelf!

The inside of the door!
It's a little bit of POW when you open up the doors!  I just thought it would be fun!

And since the painting doesn't ever seem to end... Keeping in the same idea as the headboard and nightstand from my last post, I used a doily!  So, now I have a bright orange doily to craft with, and a pretty cool side table!

I love orange and gray together!