Isn't that Pinteresting!

I'm frantically trying to get as many DIY projects done before moving day arrives.  I'm not quite sure how moving, unpacking and organizing a new house will work with DIY!  I have a feeling things will be a "work in progress" for a bit.

2 of the items needing attention were a headboard for M and a nightstand for A.  I was NOT looking forward to the sand, prime, paint routine.  Thankfully, I've got Pinterest and a plethora of pins on DIY chalk paint (not to be confused with chalkboard paint).  Had Hubs bring home some non-sanded grout to make my chalk paint.  I chose this method (you can also use plaster of paris and calcium carbonate) because, well... he got the grout for free!  For A's nightstand, I mixed it with some of a mis-tint $2.50 quart of almost white paint.  The grout got mixed in with some lovely purple for M's headboard.  Then I came across this pin for using lace over a dresser drawer.  Looked kinda cool, so off we went to the thrift store.  They each picked out their own lace, both VERY different!  Everything kinda sat around for a few weeks.  We all got sick and just generally busy.  I decided I was just going to go for it yesterday!

I'm the worst at remembering to take before pics, so I searched the computer and came up with nothing.  So, I'm going to require you to use your imagination here...

a grody, dark brown thrift store find (it was 99 cents)


I was going to stop at just the drawer fronts, but I loved it so much I did the whole dang thing!  Of course, I finished it after the sun went down.  Drawer fronts is all you get for now.

a plain, Jane VERY poorly painted white headboard


The headboard was a little tricky with getting the draping right.  The first side didn't look fantastic, but Hubs helped me tape and clamp and hold.  I am going to go back with some black paint on the very top edge, just to make it look more finished.

My overall thoughts... I LOVE how this turned out.  I'm gonna give it a couple days and then use finishing wax on both pieces.  I did have some problems with the top of the nightstand and the chalk paint.  I didn't sand or prime at all and I had problems with the second coat of the chalk paint lifting off. I think partly due to not letting the first coat dry completely and the fact that the top of that thing had a wicked glossy sheen.  So, I would suggest giving anything you're planning on painting with chalk paint a light sand, just to scuff the surface a bit.

One of my other major furniture projects is complete and I think it's pretty fantastic too!  I did manage to come across a pic to do a proper before and after.  So here it is before...

I think I paid like $5 for it.  I was in desperate need of some storage and it was cheap and functional.  I didn't have the time or budget to search for pretty.  I'm not going to share the after with you just yet.  I don't know if you could handle any more awesomeness!

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