Faux mercury glass

I love me some mercury glass! I never really knew I did until I really got to reading a bunch of crafty blogs. I've got a few Christmas ornaments that once belonged to my grandparents that have that mercury glass look. I've seen a number of tutorials on how to re-create the look. I settled on this one to take a stab at. I had a square piece of glass hanging around so I decided to practice on that first.

I was pretty happy with the antique look

I had grabbed a pair of flame less tea lights from the dollar store and decided I wanted some votives to hold them. I snagged a couple small juice glasses at the thrift store and got to work. It was MUCH more difficult to get the look right in these little cups, so I ended up with a few funny spots.

Then the search began for what else I could transform! Remember this glass pane I found on the side of the road?

After mercury glass treatment, I ended up with this.

I'm still deciding if I really like it or not.  Trying to find a place to put it has become quite a challenge too. I had it on the mantel for a bit, but wasn't thrilled with it there.

I'm now on the hunt for some square frames to treat the glass to add to my gallery wall I'm working on in the dining area.