Thrift score and what I'm working on

I'm finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things after all the hoop-la of the holidays. My posts have been few and far between. M (finally) went back to school today, so I'm hoping to get myself straight.

I HAD to thrift yesterday to find a specific color fabric for the custom order I'm working on. Lucky me, I still had some Christmas money left and found some lovelies!

I've been wanting an apothecary jar for quite some time and linger over the large ones I see at the craft stores. Those things are NOT thrifty-girl, budget friendly! Imagine my joy when I saw one behind the counter at one of my favorite haunts! It was marked $12.99, which is still more than I would spend BUT it had a blue tag which meant it was 50% off! Yipee... Now what the heck do I put in it?? I tend to always grab candlesticks for cupcake pedestals. These, however are going to be for something else (as soon as I come across the other components I need). I've seen the black one the past few times I've thrifted. I finally decided it needed to come home with me. I think I may look for an interesting plate to go with this one.

Monday's are the BEST at my very favorite thrift store (I refer to it as the black hole, cause I tend to get lost in it), EVERYTHING that is a specific color tag is 99 cents! I usually try to keep my thrifting trips to Monday's only! I snagged to fairly large grapevine wreaths and a set of three of these hooks. They're heavy duty and have a nice vintage feel to them.

Quite some time ago, I came across this post from Kim at Starshine Chic. I LOVED how this looked and new I could create something similar with my loads of vintage sheet music. I used a small wreath form for the one I made and it hangs in the weird space above my mantel (which is in a corner). I decided that it looked a little lonely, so I'm working on another small one and big one.