Foodie NERD alert!

I mean, seriously, who does Google research when coming up with an idea for a cupcake?  This girl!

If you saw this post, then you know that I am cupcake obsessed.  So, I find it difficult to say no to entering a cupcake challenge!  I've entered The Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge a few times, but it's been quite awhile.  When I saw that the challenge was "chocolate with a twist", I was ready to jump back in.  I've been cleaning up the Babee Cakes menu a bit by adding, deleting and updating flavors.  This cupcake it one of those updates.  In it's original version it was called Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot and was a spiced chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and a red hot on top.  It just wasn't quite working for me.  It was ok, but something just wasn't quite right.  I remembered a brownie recipe I use with similar spices and decided to go that route.  The general idea behind the brownies came when the hubs asked (as a joke) for me to bake some brownies with a chopped up Habanero.  As it turns out, he said they were actually pretty good!  It got me thinking about something I had heard (or seen or read) about the Mayans and chocolate.  I hopped on Google and searched Mayans and chocolate.  What I learned was that the Maya people enjoyed their chocolate with "spices and peppers", generally as a frothy drink.  I never found any specifics on the "spices and peppers", so my interpretation uses cinnamon and cayenne.  After a little adjusting to the brownie recipe and new frosting, I give you Oh Mayan Goodness (OMG)!

A cinnamon/cayenne spiced brownie cupcake topped with cinnamon/cayenne spiced chocolate frosting and a red hot.  These are soooooooooo good!  The cinnamon gives a warm flavor and the cayenne is a slow burn that is not at all in your face spicy.  On a side note, I hate my cupcake liners.  I ordered them wrong in a quantity of 500.  I'm only about half way finished with them...

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