Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my first one!  I'm trying to enter some photo challenges to help me practice with Betty.

A few things you should know...
I've only been using the camera for about a week
I'm kinda obsessed with square cropping
I use Photoscape and/or Picnik to edit (they're free and I'm terrified of Photoshop)

Ok, I think that about covers it... now on to the photos!

 Capture the sky - I was hoping for more sky, instead of clouds.

Everyday - I must have coffee EVERYDAY!!!  I love my Keurig machine and these  My-Kap thingys that make the k-cups reusable!

Furry - This was not taken with Betty, but it just cracks me up.  There's a "drive through" zoo here and they give you these pellets to feed the animals.  This zebra wanted to come in the car for his! 

Life - Crumbs all over the table...is my life...

 Blurred - This was not taken by Betty. It's the best photo to ever come from my point and shoot.

These are the party places I like to frequent.  I may not make it to each one weekly, but they are  all wonderful and deserve a visit.

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