Revelations, realizations and results

I promise that this isn't going to turn into a health and fitness blog, but it's important to me to keep a record of this.  I gotta make this my focus in the early stages to make this part of my "normal" life.

-First off, I wanted to clarify the start date of this epic undertaking.  June 28 was the visit to the doctor where the scale read 198.  I think that and the high BP was the catalyst.
-Oh, and this is not, I repeat NOT a diet.  This is a new way of thinking about food and movement and what is does to and for my body.  Food is NOT the enemy.  Food is my friend and I LOVE food!  Not a foods are created equal.  That is something I think about before I put anything in my mouth.
-I seem to have pretty much given up caffeine (specifically coffee).  This was not something that I planned to do, it just kinda happened.  I've been drinking a lot of green tea.  If I could drink coffee black, I probably would still be drinking it.
-I was subjected to a sleep study Saturday night.  It was... interesting.  The doc thinks I may have sleep apnea.  Wires all over my head, chest and legs...
I look terrified, right??
  -Goals are always important to have.  My first goal is lose 20lbs, cause I get another tattoo when that happens!  Next will be to weigh less than the hubs.  I'm not completely sure where he's at right now, but I know it's less than me.  My long term is to be 130-135.

-I should have done this LOOOOOOONG before I got to 198.  It would've been easier when I wasn't working a full time job too.  But I didn't, so now I just make a point to do some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day (I generally go for about 45 minutes though).
-I knew this was serious when all I could think about at work the other day, was how I would rather be at home working out!
-After some research and calculating, I discovered that I actually wasn't taking in enough calories a day.  Hmmmm, you mean I get to eat MORE food???  Sounds good to me!!  I'm pretty sure I'm even more obsessed with food now than I ever was before.  It's like a game to find what's going to give me the most nutritional "bang" for my calorie "buck".  My favorite new discovery is spaghetti squash!!
-I don't really miss any of the "bad" foods I was eating before.  I always thought it would be impossible to not have bread, pasta and sweets all the time.  I just don't need that stuff.
-I'm not sure how it happened, but I seem to have latched on to Jillian Michaels.  It all started when I got interested in podcasts and found hers on iTunes.  I've never watched Biggest Loser before, but I knew she was tough.  Then I discovered some of her fitness equipment at Wal-Mart and heard people talking about her 30 Day Shred DVD.  I got her newest DVD Ripped in 30 (haven't done it yet, I had to buy a sports bra before doing anything too vigorous!) and got a free 30 day trial of her website.  I started the circuit training from her website last night... True story, I almost died!  She is the devil!  I (barely) made it through and I'll be doing the next set tonight!

-I feel the need to add the *Results are not typical disclaimer to this next statement... I've lost 10lbs already!  I was terrified to get on the scale, even though I could tell that my clothes were fitting better.  I'm halfway to my tattoo!!!
-I feel better, plain and simple.  You put good stuff in and your body is happy!  I really don't feel deprived of anything.
-My kids are actually trying new things!  M is generally pretty good about tasting pretty much anything.  But A (the picky-butt) is even trying things!